Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Home in Albuquerque 2014

In the fall of 2013 we decided that it would be in our best interests to be closer to family in these latter years, thus the move to Albuquerque, NM to be near Patti’s brother Michael and family and not far from Dick’s daughter, Leslie and Marc, in Sedona, AZ. The pictures below are of the condo we purchased which is in the Four Hills Village and within walking distance of Michael and the Sandia Mountains.

We went through a 6 month renovation, instigated primarily to get rid of all the steps in the sunkenliving room also those in the bathroom shower. The before pictures contain the furniture of the sitter who stayed in the house while it was on the market, per the realtor. The den at the end of the living room became our library and office.

Our kitchen was small and old fashioned. We removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen to open up the area, removed the kitchen door to the outside, as we already had a dining room door to the outside, and also opened the kitchen to the living room.

The dining room was left unchanged except for elevating the LR floor and fixing the fireplace.

The master bedroom was unchanged except for the laundry, making the front in the kitchen into a small pantry and opening the back side into the bedroom.

The master bath had a step into the shower which we eliminated and we modernized the bathroom.


Last but not least was the back patio. We replaced the fence, put down pavers, and put in 4 small flower beds.



So, we left our beautiful Ashland, which we dearly loved, but we’ve found another oasis and have created another dream home. We enjoy our new home in Albuquerque with family and new friends.















Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maui 2013



                  Starring Dick, Patti, Leslie, Marc

It’s February and the Geese are getting cold. Who’s to get the ticket from the old man’s hold?. . .or some such. . .

February to the Blides means Maui-time; and so it was this year.
We had made our reservations for two weeks at the Sands of Kahama, so we cheerfully packed our bags, planning to run away from cold and/or wet weather here in Ashland.


Maui had an unusually wet and cold time this year. It was rainy and barely warm. But this was only the first surprise.

After a 6 hour flight, Dick and Patti arrived early evening January 31st. . .only to be told that their condo had been changed. Crumb! After wasting time “discussing” we decided that we would move in and finish talking them out of it, tomorrow. First, we assuaged our disappointment by sitting a moment to watch the ever present huge Koi fish. We would simply change condos tomorrow.



The condo had been changed, but to a two story gorgeous two bedroom sky-lighted “palace! “
So now we had to reverse our complaints to the manager.
And then, what to do with the second bedroom?


It took just one phone call for daughter Leslie with friend Marc to make plans to arrive the second week to join us. In fact their excitement “filled up” all of us day by day. We all had yummy eating , daily trips to the coffee shops, along with walking daily on the coastal trail.

The unexpected adventure of the trip was “the coconut drop-chop” where Marc ended up with a fresh-from-the- tree “gift” coconut  as we all watched in awe.


Then there was time for beach sitting where we watched, as huge whales lept 10 to 15 feet out of the water . . . not jumping in ourselves however, due to the cold,cold water. And of course, there were several days full of shops, rocks, and of course, THE MAUI TORTISE who coyingly winked his eye.


          Our sojurn ended with our annual Hula Pie

                           LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

We’re Off to See the Wizard
The Wonderful Wizard of FALL!

And all that it took was our brave leaders: Wizard, GIDEON Wizansky and Sweeper, TEMPLE Ashbrook . . . both of whom knew where was the path, how would we get there, and what secret UPSIDE-DOWN surprise we would find.

On a typical sunny morning at Mountain Meadows  9 brave members, plus one guest, met at the club house and boldly boarded the Skylark bus at 8:30 a.m., never really knowing the real Upside-Down surprise that awaited them.  Cheerful talk and laughter took place with our private bus joining the traffic on I- 5 carrying 10 hearty hikers.  

A little over an hour later, our destination, East side of The Rogue River, appeared, and 10 brave souls, grabbing walking sticks, back packs, and warm coats, descended the bus for the excitement of the wilds, fast running Rogue River waters, and . . . the upside down surprise.    

Oh, The Beauty of this rushing Rogue River!  Even Sweeper TEMPLE had to stop and view the beauty as well as to hear the crashing waters .

The serenity and beauty brought about laughter, joy, and even a neighborly sharing  of snacks on the trail.  At one point, the “front runners” fearing for the latter “clickers” and “gawkers” stopped to mark a direction in the dirt just to make sure no one would lose their way.

And then it all happened.  One by one, we hit the “place in the sun” where we could not believe our eyes.  Nature’s beauty was playing a joke on us, we thought.  All of a sudden each and every one of us saw the beauty TWICE. . . up, and then upside down as reflected in the water.  
What a trip. What Fall beauty. What more could one want?

Oh, yes.  Lunch.  Followed by a quick stop on the way home, to Becky’s Pie Shop where Cindy Earle was heard to say, “Gideon, your hike walked my sole off!”

Life is good.
Patti Blide

MMOA hikers:  Ruth Reiterman, Temple Ashbrook, Gideon Wizansky, Julianne Ashmead, Patti Blide, Katherine Ross, Donna Swanson, Donna Stuart, Virginia Christensen, Claire Lindberg, Cindy Earle


Monday, August 20, 2012


Patti & Dick who have a new home
Not seen by one of the "crew"
Welcomed Bro-Mike with Bonita his Bride
To see Blide's new life while it grew . . .

Just ‘cross the street, lies North Mt. Park
With named plants, new buds and deer roaming
Where startled Bro-Mike found a fox who was dying
When on pushing back brushes heard moaning!

We supped at the Dragonfly later that night
With food offered to be quite unique.
Then on to the Bard at Shakespeare’s outside
Where “As you Like it” was the real treat!

We ate and we talked . . . at home, and some out
Coffee Roasters, the fav of the Blides.
Bonita was happy with teas at the best,
While the Mouse picked the buns to be tried . . .

Oh Boy! explained Pat on day number two,
We finally can visit the best. . .
It’s Lithia Park of Beauty to grasp
And values well over the rest

Next trip “up the road” off to Grants Pass
And dinner with Cousins Blackledge
Made us all know how lucky we are
As if “glued” and never a wedge!
Grants Pass: Dick, Bonnie, Patti, Mike, Mary Ann& John Blackledge

Then we drive on to see Crater Lake
Mysterious “Blue” hole in the Earth
We gasp as we see the 30-mile hole
And can’t help but questionits “birth!”

One thousand feet is what we must walk
Down to enter the boat.
Two hours later after our views
Sends us topside with sand in our throat!

The very last day we finally shop
With “Bonita” trying on shoes
And then came huge ice creams ever so big:
With memories to keep out the blues.