Monday, August 20, 2012


Patti & Dick who have a new home
Not seen by one of the "crew"
Welcomed Bro-Mike with Bonita his Bride
To see Blide's new life while it grew . . .

Just ‘cross the street, lies North Mt. Park
With named plants, new buds and deer roaming
Where startled Bro-Mike found a fox who was dying
When on pushing back brushes heard moaning!

We supped at the Dragonfly later that night
With food offered to be quite unique.
Then on to the Bard at Shakespeare’s outside
Where “As you Like it” was the real treat!

We ate and we talked . . . at home, and some out
Coffee Roasters, the fav of the Blides.
Bonita was happy with teas at the best,
While the Mouse picked the buns to be tried . . .

Oh Boy! explained Pat on day number two,
We finally can visit the best. . .
It’s Lithia Park of Beauty to grasp
And values well over the rest

Next trip “up the road” off to Grants Pass
And dinner with Cousins Blackledge
Made us all know how lucky we are
As if “glued” and never a wedge!
Grants Pass: Dick, Bonnie, Patti, Mike, Mary Ann& John Blackledge

Then we drive on to see Crater Lake
Mysterious “Blue” hole in the Earth
We gasp as we see the 30-mile hole
And can’t help but questionits “birth!”

One thousand feet is what we must walk
Down to enter the boat.
Two hours later after our views
Sends us topside with sand in our throat!

The very last day we finally shop
With “Bonita” trying on shoes
And then came huge ice creams ever so big:
With memories to keep out the blues.