Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well, Folks, you gotta agree, five is better than two, or even zero, when one is planning a reunion. Everyone didn’t show up, so the beauty of sharing, listening, watching, learning from one to another did not fully happen. Tuesday, June 22, 2010 to June 26 was half-baked so to speak. No one’s going to cry over that; moan a little maybe, but finally rejoicing in the realization of all the money we saved. After all, we few did take turns in taking the rest of us out to dinner; sometimes with coupons even! Yep, the rest of you kids who did not come can feel hungry, a little sad, and wistful for next time. Anyway, just know that you were missed!

Working backwards, I must say that the last adventure was just about the best with the Woods taking us all to the Long Beach Yacht Club where we watched with delight as glorious ships sailed by while beautiful people strolled the board walk. Then a trumpet blew, the flag was lowered on deck and all stood at attention, hand over heart, in what turned out to be a very emotional event.

The next amazing happening was the many white jacketed waiters seeming to out-number us few guests! Not bad. Good. More food to eat! And we took full advantage! Pete, having come from D.C., smiled and ate and ate the whole time, looking slim and trim. Must be some wicked diet!

The Blides (below, on left), as well as host, Fred, ate scrumptious prime rib surrounded by veggies and special potatoes, carefully saving room for desserts.

Nicholas, (two below) burgeoning administrator working on grad school plans, entertained us with his student stories while Penelope, as hostess, made sure that each had his/her time to shine. This is a Talking, Eating family.

Of course, much more than just eating kept us full of joy at the fun of sharing sibling time, here at Woods home.

Almost every day began with Bungee-walking to Peets’ Coffee House with outdoor patio, where Patti guzzled down beloved Coffee Lattes as others ordered their favorites. Then off for more adventures for all but Pete who spent much of his time at his work-out place, feeling the need to “pump iron,” tighten already flat abs, and bathe in the joy of sweat.
One especially enjoyed outing was the Nature Walk where the beauty of a California sunny day of turtles, birds of all kinds, lizards and gorgeous plantings made us happy to be alive!

Even log-sitting in the bright, but cool weather was special for the twins and camera man, Fred.

Perhaps the most enjoyable time for us five was from 5:00 pm on, when the group was all together for talking, reminiscing and dining.

The most amazing event for most, was Pete’s causing each of us to gawk and gasp in awe at the “Pete diet menu” brought by him, prepared by him, and eaten by him for what seemed hours at a time. The man never stopped eating, all the while exhibiting a most long, lean but muscular body. Which is to say Peter Blackledge has the secret to success in dieting in a way to out-do the evil cholesterol death knell and should write a book about it with photos of him working out and eating!

Cute, isn’t he? Guess he can just eat them veggies, drink that water and out live us all.

Life is good,

patricia of kalama

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