Wednesday, April 13, 2011


‘Twas nineteen hundred and thirty six

When girl twinnies just flat hit the ground

“My gosh” said the Mom on checking them out,

“One seems to look up; the other looks down!”

But later in life all seemed to be fine,

As the Twinnies grew up to each call.

One taught great kids for thirty-six years

The other: piano; then studied the law!

Finally time came to admit to themselves

That AGE was about to begin. . .

What could they do to handle the shock?

Hope to escape just seemed thin.

“I know!” said one twin to the other one’s ear

We’ll go back to the fore as new twins . . .

We’ll bask in the youth that we happily had

With bunnies and brothers and whim!”

When offered a chance to come to the beach,

With fish and fun food and our kin,

We realized the glow that memories gave

And allowed us to start out again

Dearest Kin:

Molly, Bonnie, Michael, Ruthie, Melinda, Hannah, Fred and Dick

Thank you for making our 150 years joyful, fun, memorable and delicious!

Patti and Penny: 150 years old

April 9, 2011

Written by Patti

1 comment: said...

Patti, the good thing about losing music is that it had be leafing through your blog memories again - thanks for capturing some wonderful times for all of us -
Your loving brother,
- Mike