Monday, October 29, 2012

We’re Off to See the Wizard
The Wonderful Wizard of FALL!

And all that it took was our brave leaders: Wizard, GIDEON Wizansky and Sweeper, TEMPLE Ashbrook . . . both of whom knew where was the path, how would we get there, and what secret UPSIDE-DOWN surprise we would find.

On a typical sunny morning at Mountain Meadows  9 brave members, plus one guest, met at the club house and boldly boarded the Skylark bus at 8:30 a.m., never really knowing the real Upside-Down surprise that awaited them.  Cheerful talk and laughter took place with our private bus joining the traffic on I- 5 carrying 10 hearty hikers.  

A little over an hour later, our destination, East side of The Rogue River, appeared, and 10 brave souls, grabbing walking sticks, back packs, and warm coats, descended the bus for the excitement of the wilds, fast running Rogue River waters, and . . . the upside down surprise.    

Oh, The Beauty of this rushing Rogue River!  Even Sweeper TEMPLE had to stop and view the beauty as well as to hear the crashing waters .

The serenity and beauty brought about laughter, joy, and even a neighborly sharing  of snacks on the trail.  At one point, the “front runners” fearing for the latter “clickers” and “gawkers” stopped to mark a direction in the dirt just to make sure no one would lose their way.

And then it all happened.  One by one, we hit the “place in the sun” where we could not believe our eyes.  Nature’s beauty was playing a joke on us, we thought.  All of a sudden each and every one of us saw the beauty TWICE. . . up, and then upside down as reflected in the water.  
What a trip. What Fall beauty. What more could one want?

Oh, yes.  Lunch.  Followed by a quick stop on the way home, to Becky’s Pie Shop where Cindy Earle was heard to say, “Gideon, your hike walked my sole off!”

Life is good.
Patti Blide

MMOA hikers:  Ruth Reiterman, Temple Ashbrook, Gideon Wizansky, Julianne Ashmead, Patti Blide, Katherine Ross, Donna Swanson, Donna Stuart, Virginia Christensen, Claire Lindberg, Cindy Earle


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