Monday, April 13, 2009

What I Did On My Easter Vacation

Dear family & friends,

Somewhat in my teacher mode, I decided to report on: What I did on my Easter Vacation

Our Easter was cool, somewhat cloudy, and full of new experiences for Dick and Patti.

Full of appreciation for the beauty and serenity of our life here, this early morning we jumped into our car and shot off for a new and unplanned adventure, in a near-by very small town.

That town would be Rainier, Oregon just up I-5 and over the Columbia River via the Lewis and Clark (fairly new) bridge where we started with breakfast in a real live "bar" that had boasted a sign, "Family Breakfast," which fact we fell for. However, very few people were eating, but a few more were enjoying the Las Vegas type slot machines with pictures and arrows and "no banana" in terms of making money. But wait! It was all worth it: we got a Happy Birthday phone call from brother Pete whom we shocked with the news that we were in a bar!

The other best part, was discovering the unusual "buggy" outside the bar making one wonder which local in that bar owned and had "decorated" such a "delight.

Later, just looking around and across the freeway, we discovered what looked like huge wood carvings. We abruptly turned off the freeway and found the right little road to drive into the Wood Carving place where we met "Robert" who proudly showed us his album of all types of carvings many of which had won awards. We especially fell in love with Robert's constant companion, Danny the Chocolate Lab, as well as with Robert's life-like carvings of dogs, which brings us to the reason for mentioning all this! As silly as this may sound, Dick and I actually started talking about having a Sibling-Sapling Totem Pole carved. Now, don't faint; it's just a thought. Bob's prices are very reasonable due to the fact that Washington is full of huge cedar trees so he gets them at low prices. The carvings would be caricatures of the siblings and saplings, the latter being, of course, the sibs mates.

Oh, well, just a thought. Feel free to reply in any sense. After all, Life is short. Yes?
At any rate our "exciting" Easter dinner planned, using the Woods b-day gift (wonderful, beautiful, just perfect cooking tool) was a hit! We bought fresh Oregon salmon, simply added greens/tomato salad and specially sliced, then baked the potato slices with chopped onions on top.

So there you are. It's the little things in life that we cherish.

Finally, there was also a worrisome Easter event. Dick had a call from his Heart Doctor's Nurse with info about Dick's needing another heart catheterization to ablate extra heart beats (equals less blood being pumped into his body) that have kept him so weak and tired. That surgery is planned for mid May; we'll keep you posted. Dick has full confidence in his cardiologist who did an earlier ablation (burning of the heart) for him.

So, it is not too late to say, HAPPY EASTER each and every one. Life is good.

patti with dick

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