Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friendship Festivities

Ah, many years and several emails ago the writing, working, winning team of French and Blide promised to stay in touch by wire, by phone, or person and this week was the “person.”

Alfre, né Alice, arrived by plane with a huge smile and a C-Pap attached to baggage. Which is to say that the Dick of “family-Blide” seems to have as much in common with Alice as does Patti. Both, as well being loved and admired by Patti, share talents in such as writing, computer “geekness” and game-playing . Alice used that darn I-Phone for everything but eating. It played music, took pictures, and Googled, to mention a few.

Arrival was followed by lunch at McMinimins on the Columbia River with its sailing boats and fishing for Salmon. Later, eating birthday cake with “potted ice cream” was on the agenda in celebration of Alice’s April birthday.

Day Two found we three off on a trip to Kalama’s Antique & Barista shop for Kelley’s famous home-made Chicken Noodle Soup with Curry Chicken Salad. It was Heaven!

Our artistic friend loves beauty and nature, so off we went to Longview about 15 miles North of Kalama. Longview is known for its huge lake right in the middle of town (about ten blocks long, 3 blocks wide) of lovely gardens, water fountains, bridges, and rolling green hills rimmed in yellow water flowers every where. Even with the season being a little early we managed to surround ourselves with Rhododendrons:

And finally one shot in the famous Buddha Garden:

Back home Chef Richard’s famous Crab Cakes and Patti’s new recipe for Chocolate-Orange Torte, led right into our entertainment of the evening: Dancing with the Stars!

At last! Day Three and what guest Alice was most waiting for: the camera trip of the Woodlands Tulip Festival:

On Day Four we enjoyed still more beauty of The Pacific NW with our car trip to the lovely Multnomah Falls coupled with a fabulous breakfast in their famous Falls Room.

Chef Richard rounded out the day with our trip to the Pacific NW Fish House for guest Alice to select a salmon to send back home and for Chef Richard to select our evening dinner. Guest Alice and wife Patti both ohhhhed and ahhhhed over our fresh Salmon dinner cooked to perfection by our personal chef. This was truly a beautiful finale to a beautiful visit of forever friends.

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