Sunday, June 28, 2009


This week (late June, ‘09) Dick and Patti received The Gift of adventure, beauty, and solace at Lake Tahoe, second home of Bob and Diana Nehls, including beautiful Molly who offered us her gifts as well.

Our adventure started with (ya gotta love it) food. And lots of it at the famous Harrah’s Casino where we first wowed ‘em with our combined “luck of the coin.” Which is to say we were amazed at how carefully and simply we “ca-chinged” our eight quarters, provided by Diana, to oblivion. We succeeded much better at eating.

Then, the next morning Diana and Patti lept up at an early hour to beat the “run on lanes.” Patti swam back stroke the whole time and was mesmerized by the huge, beautiful trees looking down on her in the perfectly warmed outdoor pool.

The afternoon found us picnicking and enjoying more beauty during our walk down on Lake Tahoe. The pristine water showed it’s three signature colors, starting with emerald green and ending with dark blue, according to the water’s depth.

The afternoon was prime with fascinating information about beautiful Estates built at Lake Tahoe during the eighteen hundreds and well taken care of for visitors to see today.

It was the HoneyMoon Cottage that was most “jaw dropping.”

Wednesday was “Drive Around the Lake” day. . .and boy, what a day it was with sumptuous eating, seeking and sun setting: The Sunny Side Restaurant, Dick seeking out a hoped-for cousin, Mike Blide, and our watching the sun set from the Nehls’ long-known friend at her private home on the beach:

But wait! There’s more, here at “the bottom” so to speak: Yes, it’s the famous Butt Bridge where people are always found bending over to witness the feeding battle between the ducks and the trout.

Perhaps the most interesting was driving through Truckee, California the occupational home for Superintendent of Schools, Bob Nehls and for School Nurse, Diana Nehls with their long-worked, high energy jobs in an area they knew and loved. It was here that Bob had met and told Dick about, Mike Blide, who wasn’t there when we were, but all was not in vain as Mike’s wife was there and cards were exchanged. Truckee turned out to be a lovely homey town with delightful memories for Diana and Bob.

Thursday became “ship day” with Diana’s making reservations for our 2½ hour-long fascinating sail on “The Tahoe Queen.”

The beauty of the area, especially Emerald Bay, along with an on-going “story” being told of the old days with the story-tellers dressed in old-timer’s garb, including fake mustaches and long dresses, made for excellent learning and beauty-loving. This was Dick’s favorite.

The evening took us away to another country! Mexican food at the Nehls’ favorite restaurant was the plan for our last evening at Tahoe. The Margaritas were of many colors and flavors and Patti’s Taco Salad was declared the best yet enjoyed. Could it get any better?

Yes, our last morning before leaving was the Nature Walk with one of the paths leading back to the lake. And yes, it was Patti’s favorite.

Maybe it was because she got to smell a tree, a Jeffery Pine, known for it’s unusual, yet delightful aroma; Butterscotch!

This tree has a history known to most that “Jeff” as I shall call him, was too huge and impossible to cut down when all trees around him were taken out for “progress.” “Jeff,” therefore will never be cut. He lives! Forever! As will our memories. Thanks, to the Nehls. 6/27/09

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