Saturday, July 4, 2009


Custom Home For Sale: WA (Call- 800 435 6184 ext. 2045)
Note: We have now taken our home off the market due to: 1. Better health, 2. Poor real estate market.

Front View

Rear View
You will wake up in the morning and wonder what you’ll pick from your garden today.

• You will look out across the expansive Green Mountain vistas and wonder if the deer from yesterday will come to visit today.

• You will love going out on your back deck to see what new flora has blossomed, and then up the rock steps leading to wooded paths.

• You will drive 10 minutes to beautiful Kalama Park on the Columbia River to walk and watch the ships go by, realizing that many have just crossed the Pacific Ocean.

• You will love discovering little “pets” in the pond under your backyard waterfall where a school of goldfish dash out to great you, expecting to be fed!

• You will wonder where the sounds of day have gone. These sounds are not cars rushing, horns honking, voices digressing. They are birds chirping, water trickling over rocks, wind whistling in the trees. And at the end of the day ...

• You will even lie on your back, once in awhile, simply admiring your lovely beams and ceilings. You will see them everywhere throughout your new home.

• You will know that you made the right choice to live “free!” on the “edge” of Vancouver, WA,
devoid of traffic yet full of nature’s beauty, and the knowledge that you are a mere 25 minutes from Legacy Hospital and 40 minutes from flights out of PDX Airport. LIFE IS GOOD!

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