Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

T’was the week before Christmas
And all through the place
Santa was watching
As we worked with some haste.

The gardeners said “Yes”
When we asked them to help;
The tree was cut down
And Santa made svelte.
The Blides were with joy
As they saw the tree grow
As Santa looked up
from the view just below.

Next, presents were wrapped
And one stocking made big
At least for our daughter. . .
Why huge? Just go fig!

Dick was prepped up
When Di cut his hair
While Kids at the store
Made presents less bare.

Later that day,
In the dark of the night. . .
Reflections were there. . .
Oh Boy! What a sight

Two days later
When Leslie flew in,
We feted her birthday
With joy in her grin.

During her stay
we walked in the park
And grinned with the Totem;
Just for a lark!
Next, Christmas Eve
Brought Cousins of Dick
So, we ate in the glow
Of food and St. Nick.

The table set nice
With name tags and “plan”
Resulted in talk
And a little of “ham!”

Next came the day
To open our gifts
Excitement was high,
So our tale is a hit!


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