Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maui 2013



                  Starring Dick, Patti, Leslie, Marc

It’s February and the Geese are getting cold. Who’s to get the ticket from the old man’s hold?. . .or some such. . .

February to the Blides means Maui-time; and so it was this year.
We had made our reservations for two weeks at the Sands of Kahama, so we cheerfully packed our bags, planning to run away from cold and/or wet weather here in Ashland.


Maui had an unusually wet and cold time this year. It was rainy and barely warm. But this was only the first surprise.

After a 6 hour flight, Dick and Patti arrived early evening January 31st. . .only to be told that their condo had been changed. Crumb! After wasting time “discussing” we decided that we would move in and finish talking them out of it, tomorrow. First, we assuaged our disappointment by sitting a moment to watch the ever present huge Koi fish. We would simply change condos tomorrow.



The condo had been changed, but to a two story gorgeous two bedroom sky-lighted “palace! “
So now we had to reverse our complaints to the manager.
And then, what to do with the second bedroom?


It took just one phone call for daughter Leslie with friend Marc to make plans to arrive the second week to join us. In fact their excitement “filled up” all of us day by day. We all had yummy eating , daily trips to the coffee shops, along with walking daily on the coastal trail.

The unexpected adventure of the trip was “the coconut drop-chop” where Marc ended up with a fresh-from-the- tree “gift” coconut  as we all watched in awe.


Then there was time for beach sitting where we watched, as huge whales lept 10 to 15 feet out of the water . . . not jumping in ourselves however, due to the cold,cold water. And of course, there were several days full of shops, rocks, and of course, THE MAUI TORTISE who coyingly winked his eye.


          Our sojurn ended with our annual Hula Pie

                           LIFE IS GOOD!!!

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Unknown said...

Hi Patti,
Love your blog and keeping up with you. Maui must be marvelous.
We took the little girls to NYC this summer. This was the most fun I've ever had in the city, and we have been there so much, Emily and Tuffy having lived there at different times. The girls loved the rain forest in the central park zoo. Claire took pictures of almost every bird there.
Mainly it was a Broadway trip. We saw Annie and Matilda. They waited at the stage door forever it seemed, but they finally got autographs! Fronia wants to live there.
The best activity for me was a yacht trip around Manhattan. The first time for me and, fortunately, we had a knowledgeable guide. Ground zero was sad; however, history of the famous bridges, Grennich(?) Village, Ellis Island, where Newton's father entered the country, and the Statue of Liberty. Again, we have millions of photographs taken by Claire.
They stayed at our house the month of June. Now we will have them in August. It's exhausting but fun.
Much love,
I loved the yacht trip around the island.